Dell.vbux offer problem...

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03-08-2007 14:34:07

Alright about a week ago I completed and got credit for the dealmax offer. I tried it out, decided not to continue with it, and just a little bit ago called the number it provided to cancel your membership fees. Well, it didnt take me to dealmax, but to automated service. It asked for my membership # to cancel and I had none because I'm not doing savingsmart, I'm doing DEALMAX. I then clicked the button to ask how to get my membership # and it asked to put in the phone # i registered with. I put it in, and all it said was my membership has been cancelled. Not which membership, no confirmation, nothing....just....cancelled. I looked on the dellvbux site to see if i could link back to the offer and find another # to call...but the offer is GONE. Searched online, but found nothing more than a site with no contact information.

I'm not sure if this is disallowed to talk about this, but this is very important. I don't want my CC charged for something I tried and didn't like and wanted to stop using. I have no idea whether this has been cancelled or not, and there was no way to ask customer service if I can be transfered to a dealmax service because it was all AUTOMATED. Can someone help?