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01-08-2007 06:15:59

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01-08-2007 09:37:04

Congrats! Yeah, they're webpage is excellent (that's what made me try their site lol) and their support is superb! Anyway, enjoy the profit!


01-08-2007 14:28:33

I fully agree that V-Bux is ahead of its class, especially their [b9513cf3a31]crediting rating, excellent support, best webpage, excellent gifts, high payout ra[/b9513cf3a31]te. This is why it is my favorite site.


15-08-2007 21:58:08

Congrats dude. that is one sweet set of payments.

I agree VBUX is top notch!


25-08-2007 10:12:21

Congrats... Keep your work............