Happy Offer Day

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V-Bux Jon

20-07-2007 00:53:00

[bdff1bd3633]Happy Offer Day(s)[/bdff1bd3633]

Over the course of the next three days, we will be performing extensive offer maintenance on the network. [idff1bd3633]This includes adding over 25+ hot, new free trial offers![/idff1bd3633]

In our quest to reach a 99.9% crediting rate, we will be removing all offers that credit below 95% of the time. We will also be closely evaluating the reporting time on each offer, and we will implement a script that determines the average reporting time down to the second. Finally, we will also be testing each offer individually, and will be removing any offers with "dead" links.

[bdff1bd3633]Offer Crediting Delays[/bdff1bd3633]

Yesterday, one of our largest affiliate networks transitioned into a more efficient method of reporting. By doing so, they had to delay the reporting on several offer campaigns to facilitate the transition. However, we were not made aware of these delays until the transition was well underway. As of 1130 PM PST, the transition was completed, and offer crediting is back to normal. However, any users who completed offers during the day on Thursday, July 19 may experience 24 hour delays. If you do not receive credit after this time, please submit a ticket with the subject "Credit Delay" and we will look into it ASAP for you.


20-07-2007 04:51:45

Very good ideas Jon! Keep up the great work!


20-07-2007 05:07:53

Seeing that your crediting seems to be on the money it may be time for me to do one of your sites ;)


20-07-2007 10:14:43

I just started working on V-Bux and I love it so far. Great job, thanks so much for all the hard work your guys do, keep it up!! D D