V-Bux Crediting - 97.1% - ALL-TIME HIGH

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V-Bux Jon

15-07-2007 22:40:00

V-Bux is proud at announce an all-time high in crediting. After some tweaks to the system, switching affiliate networks, and exposing more users to the science behind crediting, now, 97.1% of offer completions are reporting on the network. If you have yet to try V-Bux, now is the time.

Note We determine the crediting percentage by forming a ratio of missing credit reports to the sum of the total number of reported offers and the total number of missing credit reports. We then subtract this figure from 100%.


16-07-2007 07:04:16

Man, that is sweet!

Thats why I love V-BUX!


02-08-2007 16:44:40

Over half of my refs never got credit... (