V-Bux Ships $100,000.00!

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V-Bux Jon

15-04-2007 14:22:48

http//v-bux.com/logos/logo1.gif[" alt=""/img07725c6a83]

[size=1807725c6a83][color=blue07725c6a83][b07725c6a83]V-Bux.Com Ships $100,000.00 [/color07725c6a83][color=#ff000007725c6a83]and LAUNCHES a [/color07725c6a83][color=#00000007725c6a83]3-Day Promotion for the Summer![/color07725c6a83][/b07725c6a83][/size07725c6a83]

With this weekend's payouts, V-Bux.Com has reached a huge milestone [b07725c6a83]$100,000.00 shipped![/b07725c6a83] To coincide with the accomplishment, we have launched a [b07725c6a83]"Pre-Summer Promotion"[/b07725c6a83] on [b07725c6a83]Bose.V-Bux.Com[/b07725c6a83]. In the next three days, sign up for [b07725c6a83]Bose.V-Bux.Com[/b07725c6a83] using this link ([url==http//bose.v-bux.com/index.php?promoid=100][color=#0000ff07725c6a83]http//bose.v-bux.com/index.php?promoid=100[/color07725c6a83][=http//bose.v-bux.com/index.php?promoid=100][color=#0000ff07725c6a83]http//bose.v-bux.com/index.php?promoid=100[/color07725c6a83][/url]) and your offer requirements will be automatically waived! [i07725c6a83][b07725c6a83][color=#00008007725c6a83]This is your chance to get a hot new sound system for the summer![/color07725c6a83][/b07725c6a83][/i07725c6a83]

Congrats to all those who've made this possible!

[b07725c6a83]Update This promotion has been extended to Friday, April 20th![/b07725c6a83]


15-04-2007 14:23:43

Might wanna fix that post up, it's all messed up.

V-Bux Jon

15-04-2007 14:37:16

[quote57080d9888="O4F-Manofice"]Might wanna fix that post up, it's all messed up.[/quote57080d9888]

Done. )


15-04-2007 14:40:24

Wow that credited instantly. Sweet!

V-Bux Jon

17-04-2007 08:37:56

Updated with promo extension. )


19-04-2007 07:24:04

Last day 420 ) i'll be sure to sign up lol


19-04-2007 15:22:24

Awesome! I jumped right in there...LOVE V-bux sites!

Thanks JON!


24-04-2007 20:10:50

[quote0db4e6fdf2]Updated with promo extension. [/quote0db4e6fdf2]

cry thought that meant it was still good and signed up cry