HUGE Easter Updates from V-Bux!

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V-Bux Jon

08-04-2007 12:19:32

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[color=orangedee6552b59][size=18dee6552b59][bdee6552b59]The V-Bux family wishes our friends at FiPG a very happy Easter.[/bdee6552b59][/sizedee6552b59][/colordee6552b59]

[color=bluedee6552b59][bdee6552b59]We have some great thing in store for you guys as an "Easter Treat!"[/bdee6552b59][/colordee6552b59]

[bdee6552b59]Offer mania[/bdee6552b59] We've done it. We've annoyed the heck out of our publishers this past week, and it has paid off. Over 100 offers have received increases in rates (check it out [url==http//][=http//][/url]), and over fifty NEW offers were added. In addition to this, we've removed several offers that users are having trouble with. AND, this week, V-Bux plans to add three more publishers to its arsenal. This translates in even MORE offers. Great, huh? ;)

[bdee6552b59]Boom, boom, Bose[/bdee6552b59] Summer looms in the not-so-distant future, and that only means one thing It's time to upgrade your sound system. Each day of this week, we will be adding a new prize to [url==http//]Bose.V-Bux.Com[=http//]Bose.V-Bux.Com[/url]. This will culminate with an announcement on Friday at 900 PM EST that will knock your socks off! Stay [idee6552b59]tuned[/idee6552b59]. ;)

[bdee6552b59]Welcome, Stacey![/bdee6552b59] At the moment, V-Bux is answering all support requests within 24 hours. Despite this, for our members' enjoyment, we will add yet another staff member to the squad. Watch out for an exclusive interview with her coming up in the next week.

[bdee6552b59]VMCCA[/bdee6552b59] At the moment, offers are crediting at a 95% rate on the V-Bux network. However, despite this great rate, we do recognize how frustrating it is for members whose offers do not credit. As a result, we currently in the process of establishing the "V-Bux Missing Credit Communication Avenue" (VMCCA) with our publishers that would be EXCLUSIVE to V-Bux. What would all this would mean? Faster processing times for MCRs from our publishers, and hopefully, higher rates of acceptance.

[bdee6552b59]Promotion update[/bdee6552b59] As some of you may or may not know, V-Bux is currently holding a promotion for all members who have received a prize from us. ([url==http//]Click here for more info[=http//]Click here for more info[/url]) Unfortunately, the response to the promotion was much lower than anticipated. So, we've decided to spice it up a bit Stacey, the newest addition to the V-Bux team, will be personally calling (yes, on the phone) all users who have received a prize within the last three weeks. Here, members will have a chance to talk with her one-on-one. She will able to address any questions you may have regarding to the promotion (i.e. posting screenshots) or V-Bux in general. The drawing for the winner will be held some time next week. Watch out for the official update next weekend.

[bdee6552b59]Rapid Growth[/bdee6552b59] It has become apparent V-Bux needs a new server. Over the past few days, when addressing support tickets, the V-Bux staff observed an increasing number of "Internal Server Errors". These error messages are generated when there is too much activity on the server. So, we are annexing an additional server from a neighboring rack. We hope to make the transfer by the end of the week at a time where there is the least amount of site activity to prevent any disturbance. Should we be given a definitive time from out hosting company, we will pass it along.

[bdee6552b59]Rapid Growth (Pt. 2)[/bdee6552b59] Some of you may have noticed that, two weeks ago, V-Bux reached a huge mile stone $75,000.00 shipped. Well, next week, we anticipate to reach an even bigger milestone (Yes, you've guessed correctly) Watch out for a huge announcement. )

Finally, I would like to conclude this post with three of the awesome pictures we have received from members the past couple of weeks. Awesome 

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Wishing everyone a happy Easter,
V-Bux Jon

V Bux Stacey

08-04-2007 18:44:54

Hi FiPG Forum! I am a regular poster here, but am changing into my new V-bux hat lol I may be new to the team, but am here for YOU! Feel free to contact me anytime. lol