Thunbs Up For V-buxx $640 gift

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03-03-2007 21:30:33

Just got paid,it's Friday night,got money in my pocket,feelin right!

You know that song.Well if you had completed and submited with v-buxx you would be singing that song too!!!
I am singing that song.
You can submit and get paid the same week!!
Top payout out there I think, only 8 refs got me what I wanted and my refs got top $$.I was able to offer more so I got refs quick
I completed applev-bux and you should too!!
Looking forward to finishing more sites by this sponsor!
Great support,very fast replies to ALL my questions!!

Just got paid,it's Friday night,got money in my pocket,feelin right!


03-03-2007 22:08:17

yep that w9 form must have be fun to fill out.

this doesn't belong in this area. save this for the brag bag forums.



03-03-2007 22:37:37

Your probably right,I did not think of it that way,it was more about the site.If Vbux had ther own forum it would have been ok. The w-9 was not a big deal, at least not for them,but being a site owner you probably already knew that. But for those who do not,if you recieve $600 or more from any network (combined or singly) you must fill out a w-9.Vbux made it easy by providing a link to the form at the IRS site, the choice of faxing or scanning and acknowleding that they had recieved it in a matter of hours. It takes about 2 minutes if that to fill it out.As the owner of crafty cash pointed out,this is probably not the right place for this post, I can't take it back.