The "I have partial Credit" Promo

Live forum:


19-04-2008 09:22:28

This is not your "typical" Partial Credit promo, as I am not going to allow cashouts for partial credits, but I will do something that i feel will benefit the referral AND the referee even more!

If you, or one of your referrals have partial credit on ANY of the TFL Network sites, simply direct them to this thread!

From now until May 15th, open a support ticket stating that you have partial credit, and you wish to participate in this promo. Finish your offer requirements, gain some referrals yourself, cashout, receive your payment + an iPod shuffle (or the cash value of one).

For example, you have .5 credits on an AnyFreeReward site, you open a ticket about this promo, go green, cashout and get an iPod. Its that easy!

We are CONTINUOUSLY adding new offers daily, so there are many new and unique offers on our sites.

If you have ANY questions about this, please post here!

Thanks everyone,