Can't log in

Live forum:


10-04-2008 13:21:39

I can get into my account on mall.thefreebielife, but if I try to send a support ticket, it says it doesn't recognize that username. What to do now?


16-04-2008 09:21:57

Thanks for all the help everyone.


16-04-2008 14:35:19

I'd help if i could, but that was really funny hahaha.


16-04-2008 16:57:11

I don't check the forums everyday, you could've pm'd me though so i would've gotten an email.

As the support site says,

"Be sure to submit your ticket to the correct department! Sign up with your username on the site. Thanks, The Support Team"

You need to re-sign up on the site separately.



17-04-2008 11:59:07

I tried all that, that's why I posted here so I could find someone to help me. Today I tried to get into the site and it said site suspended. What's going on. I have refs that say you are going to own up to some things and now this. Make it right, Jared.