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05-03-2008 18:54:18


The first 2 new sites are referral based (Desktop is a 2 credit site).. the last one is a cash based site. Get paid the GUARANTEED MOST AMOUNT for completing offers on your own.

Sign up and get your offer requirements waived on the referral sites. And sign up on the cash site to get a free $1.00 (minimum cashout it only $10!). FREE GREENS FOR THE ABOVE SITES ARE DONE ON MARCH 12TH.. SO GET THEM BEFORE THEN!

And remember... we have a guaranteed 100% crediting rate!

Now onto Promo IV.. the last part of this promo series!...

This promo will be based on a "points" system. The person with the most points, wins! This is how you earn points

Every $40.00 you cashout with = 1 point
Every website you place our banner on = .75 points
liPlease do not spam.
After you post it on a website... post the link here so we can see!
Every proof you post = .5 points
Every 250th poster in this thread= .5 points
(Yes, post challenge!) 250, 500, 750, 1000.. so on...
Every poem you write about us = .25 points
Please post the poems in this thread.
Everytime you recommend us in some way (post, etc.) = .1 points
Please keep this one calm. No spam, thread crapping, etc.

So there you have it! Probably the biggest promo we have ever held. You can use TFL sites or AFR sites to count for this. IF YOU FEEL YOU DESERVE POINTS.. PLEASE email= US AT email=PROMO@ANYFREEREWARD.COMPROMO@ANYFREEREWARD.COM US AT email=PROMO@ANYFREEREWARD.COMPROMO@ANYFREEREWARD.COM/email WITH MORE INFO (LINKS, ETC) ON WHY YOU DESERVE POINTS. I need some way to keep track.. so thats how i am going to do it. IF YOU DO NOT EMAIL US.. YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR POINTS. I will post a leaderboard every Sunday night. THIS PROMO IS OVER APRIL 15TH!!. You must participate in at least 3 of the above activities to gain points!!

But wait.. what does the winner get?...

[ba50622b587]A $500.00 CHECK[/ba50622b587]

It doesn't get much better than that folks. Theres no 2nd, or 3rd place... so you need to go big or go home. This could be an easy win for most of you!

I think thats about it. Any questions.. please email the above email.

Thanks for supporting us guys!