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09-02-2008 18:34:38

Hey guys

Well, as this horrible week for me comes to an end, i feel its necessary to give you an update on Key2Free, and what happened.

Anyways, as you know i bought the network from the old owner in August, who refused (after the contact was signed), to push the domains to my business name. Therefore, making it unable for me to change hosts. I was just recently this month working with GoDaddy and my attorney to make this happen (finally), but i see no need for it. The old owner is a young teen, so suing him would make no sense, nor would it have any effect. Whats done is done, but if fingers have to be pointed, its clear to see where they would be.

Last week, (now got their servers "manipulated" (notice the quotes). They have no backups, surprise surprise, and my last back up is from 2 months ago because their site was so slow i couldn't make any backups since then.

So, as it stands now, it looks all the data is gone. HOWEVER, i AM PAYING OUT USERS who are owed money. How do you know if you are owed money, and how do you claim? I am paying out all users who HAVE PAID FOR REFERRALS, meaning you literarily paid someone for greening on the site. I cannot payout for anything else, considering this way is the only way i can prove that you are owed money. For all i know Joe Schmo can say he has 2 green refs. YOU MUST email=[ [EMAIL=""] and include the following
1) An ID (you can black out SSN, etc)
2) Paypal screenshots of payments to users you paid for Key2Free "greens"
3) Key2Free referral ID (if you have it)[/be6bec9db2b]

I don't think this is over doing it, considering of how much i am losing, and the possibility to "scam" or "cheat" me. There is no minimum to the amount of refs you paid. I feel this is only fair, as you guys are not the ones to blame. If you are going to put up a fight with me somehow, please don't even bother.

This information (total amount i pay out from this), will also probably be later used in legal actions, so yeah.

I am leaving these "claims" open until February 29th, 2008 and 12am EST. I feel this is a reasonable time. Payments will go out on March 10th. This will also give ample time in case the databases "magically" come back, but more importantly allow Paypal to clear.

I understand this seems shady, but obviously, this happens once in a blue moon. Don't be scared to do my sites, The Freebie Life and AnyFreeReward are on great hosting, plus we now have a 100% crediting guarantee! (Check out that thread). I am finishing up setting up the dedicated severs (dedicated meaning they are super fast, and will never go down). Once all the sites are on them, i will be releasing a new network, as well as a huge promo!

Please accept my apologies, this is a lot harder for me than what it seems. I have countless sleepless nights under my belt because of this, and still can't believe it.

If you have ANY questions, please do not post them in this thread, as they will go unanswered. However, email= them to me at[ them to me at [EMAIL=""] [be6bec9db2b]DO NOT[/be6bec9db2b] email yours "claims" to this address.

Thanks for everyones support,