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27-01-2008 13:17:54

[bc44eca5020]$100,000 shipped![/bc44eca5020]
Thats right guys, in under a year we have shipped over $100,000 now to our users, you! We couldn't of done it without you guys continually supporting the site, and already realizing 2008 will be bigger, I have bigger plans for this year now!

[bc44eca5020]New offers added and old offers back![/bc44eca5020]
Word Advantage
My First Steps to Learning
Build a Bear
Complete Home
Girls Gone Wild
ID Watchdog (free)

Many of these offers are great for those who have kids, so they are worth looking into. I don't see some of them on other networks either ;)

[bc44eca5020]FREE GREENS![/bc44eca5020]
http//www.100.thefreebielife.com - $100.00
http//www.key2free.com/bigcash - $100.00
http//www.key2free.com/paypal - $50.00
http//www.key2free.com/prizes - $50.00
http//www.key2free.com/giftcards - $50.00
http//www.anyfreewii.com - $40.00
http//www.anyfree360.com - $40.00
http//www.anyfreeps3.com - $40.00
http//www.anyfreepaypal.com - $40.00

Sign up on any or all of the above sites unrefereed and get a free green! Open 1 ticket per network.

[bc44eca5020]Thank you =D[/bc44eca5020]
Lastly i would like to thank everyone who has supported those, and even those who haven't. Obviously, as any network, we have had some rough times, some people questioning my networks "crediting", "payouts to users" and what have you, regardless, i am here to stay. Though not always posted, i am happy what has become of my network, and what some users have told me personally. Though i haven't been at my quickest lately, i am sure that will change shortly. If anyone ever needs any help with crediting, support etc., don't be scared to post or p/m me. I don't mind the posts, its just when people post who don't have any experience with freebie sites, or even my sites, etc., that kind of annoys me D Anyways, thanks again guys! D



29-01-2008 14:28:55

New exclusive offer!!!

[ba920959150]Save Thousands of $$ on Taxes[/ba920959150]
.5 credit
$2.95 total charge


30-01-2008 10:17:17

Free greens still available!


30-01-2008 11:32:53

Your pagees are not loading


30-01-2008 11:56:12

K2F is down, server issues, sorry (