Anyone get paid from this network lately?

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22-01-2008 18:37:49

I just got lil tired of your BS. This is not the way to run a business.

I submitted my order at [b83444c206d]anyfreeconsole[/b83444c206d] and haven't got paid. Pls see the support ticket below to see how "honestly" they run their business.

I've been working on this site since Sep. last year. Most of my refs didn't get credit for the offers. Only three finally went through and they don't plan to pay. Interesting.... evil

On 01/03/08, 1139 AM MST, you wrote

"I submitted my account on 12/26 and still waiting for approval. Please advice on status. It stated on my page "We verify accounts before orders go out each Monday." Lil lost..."

On 01/05/08, 0618 PM MST, Jared wrote

"HI sorry... i had some issues come up, and couldn\'t get online recently. Sorry about that ( Just approved it though."

On 01/05/08, 0704 PM MST, you wrote

"Thanks, Jared.

have a good weekend."

On 01/14/08, 1159 AM MST, you wrote

"I'm just wondering when I'm supposed to get paid.


On 01/16/08, 0346 PM MST, Jared wrote

"Our mass pay is scheduled to clear on the 19th unless you don\'t mind the fees. "

On 01/16/08, 0349 PM MST, you wrote

"Ok. I just wait. I should get paid on 01/19/08 rite?"

On 01/19/08, 0703 PM MST, you wrote

"Am I going to get paid today?"

On 01/22/08, 0722 PM MST, you wrote

"Hello???? I still haven't received my payment!!!! r u planning to pay?"



23-01-2008 14:45:56



26-01-2008 18:18:20

I've been unable to green on 2 of his sites. On one of them I got 4/5 to credit and the other I got 1/2 to credit. Nothing since and MCR's show as unread still on one site since like November~even did extra offers. The 2nd one shows that it was sent to the affiliate, we'll see what happens. I am not going to hold my breath for 6 weeks though. I would have never done the 2nd site if I'd known that it was with this network. So, I spent the money on the offers and was unable to get paid because I could not green~that's always nice!!


27-01-2008 13:17:05

Uh babetran was paid last week..


27-01-2008 18:35:41

I just got approved on key2free .Myurl==http://=http:///url refs havent had any problem crediting on that one but anyfree360 refs are having trouble crediting.=(


28-01-2008 06:04:27


I put my order in October and I did not get anything. I contacted with them many times but I did not get anything.

This is the worst site I met.

Good luck for you.