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18-10-2007 16:03:39

Well not really but...


So what makes it different? ALL OFFERS ARE EITHER 1/2 OR FULL CREDIT.

Offers that are weighted at "1/8th" elsewhere, are half credit here! Or 1/4 elsewhere.. full credit here! No more completing multiple offers to go green. You can go green for as little as $6.95.

Payout per ref ranges from $40/ref to $55/ref!

No, we aren't doing free greens.. but if you go green.. imagine how easy it will be to get refs or to get a conga going

Look for more offers coming tonight.. here is the offer list http//

Yes, we take MCRs, yes we are repeatable/GLF.

Don't forget about our October promotions http//[]http//!!



22-10-2007 04:16:24

Remember, you earn 10% more per referral if you sign up and go green yourself!


22-10-2007 18:29:21

Go green for only $4.95!