Offers for Canadians?

Live forum:


06-10-2007 19:31:56

I have a person from canada that wants to sign up. Are most of the offers open to canadians? Would they have to click on the offer and see what happens?

An offer list for canadians would be helpful and maybe they'd be more willing to sign up if they knew what they were getting into.


06-10-2007 19:34:57

I am actually generating "categories" for offers which are open to various countries (on key2free and anyfreereward). I will have to compile a list for The Freebie Life.


08-10-2007 13:28:30

Does it work already for key2free (site I'm doing) or do you have a list of canadian offers I could give to people?


09-10-2007 13:28:36

Key2Free now has a category selection for offers available to international users.