New Key2Free Site - Free greens! BIG CASH!

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23-09-2007 08:36:14


$100.00 per referral.

2 credits to go green.

BUT if you know how key2free works, that is average only 4 OFFERS TO GO GREEN BUT A PAYOUT OF $100.00. A user can go green for as little as $10.00.

As you can see by the prizes, this is for the hardcore freebie fans who want to add some high priced items to their list. For only 15 refs you could be working on a new 24" iMac! Or for 50 refs you could get the down payment for the car of your dreams!

I know the layout is kind of plain compared to my other sites, but i am working on it!

Users 1-25 who sign up unrefereed will have all their offer requirements waived. Users 25-50 will have 1.8 credits waived. You can complete .2 credits by only doing submission offers or a free trial! Just open a support ticket!

If you choose "Custom Rims" please open a support ticket with a link to the rims you want.