And the winners are..

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10-08-2007 20:17:38

[u8d8b69d331][b8d8b69d331]1ST PLACE[/b8d8b69d331][/u8d8b69d331]
$100 site, user # 72244

[u8d8b69d331][b8d8b69d331]2ND PLACE[/b8d8b69d331][/u8d8b69d331]
Always4Free, user # 75

[u8d8b69d331][b8d8b69d331]3RD PLACE[/b8d8b69d331][/u8d8b69d331]
Cash site, user # 72036

Decided to post it a bit early since I am getting sick and need some sleep, sorry guys. No one new was signing up anyways haha. And if not everyone claims, I am going to extend the promo till the end of the month for those spots.

If you won, email me at admin at to claim your prize.

Look for another promo like this in the near future!

Thanks for your continued support,