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31-07-2007 09:55:29

This being our 5th month in operation, I have decided to celebrate it with a bunch of promotions, etc. This is going to be a lengthy post, but too bad! Haha.

Our latest, greatest, and possibly my favorite site. Point based, you can do all the work yourself, or refer users to do all the work for you... OR EVEN do some work and have your referrals do some work for you. Join today!
Our biggest referral site with over 250 unique offers. Each referral is worth $100 and don't forget about "rollover referrals"!
Cash site with over 250 offers, each referral is worth $60! Rollover referrals are on here as well, sign up!
This site is seeing more action lately, but it never hurts to get more users! Prizes include PS2's, PS3's, Wii's and more! Payout is $80 per referral. Sign up now!
This site offers gift certificates to many mall stores. Payout is $50 per referral.
My favorite brand! Haha... payout is also $50 per referral and there are many awesome prizes.
Aw, our original site. Payout is $40 per referral requiring users to only do 1 offer to go green!
Our latest aquirement! $40 per ref

Sign up on all or some of the above sites, and get your offer requirements waived! Or on Always4Free... get 1 point credited for your account! Please open only 1 support ticket for ALL the sites.

Yes, the title says "Non-user" promotion, so anyone can participate in this, and best thing is, all you have to do is signup on our site, and get a chance to win $50.00.

This is how it works, each site you sign up counts as one entry. So you sign up, and post here with YOUR referral number(s). When the contest has reached 100 REFERRAL NUMBERS, i will randomly pick 3.

1st Place= $50.00
2nd Place= $10.00
3rd Place= $5.00

Now you don't have to use your accounts or gain referrals or anything to count in this promo, just join our sites! However, we would like you to remain an active member.

The more you earn, the more you get!

This is how this will work, read below on what you will receive once you reach each level of earnings

$150.00 $15.00 BONUS PAYPAL or gift
$325.00 $50.00 BONUS PAYPAL or gift
$425.00 iPod Shuffle
$500.00 Ds Lite
$750.00 $200.00 NewEgg Gift Certificate
$1000.00+ Nintendo Wii

liliNOTE YOU CAN ONLY RECEIVE 1 ITEMlili All items will be shipped/sent on August 31st.

Hm, I think that's all I want to say for now...

Good Day!


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08-08-2007 08:41:38

Drawing is Friday night


09-08-2007 05:44:43

[ba69bc17cee]2 more days![/ba69bc17cee]


10-08-2007 05:14:50

[be5fe8549bf]DRAWING IS TONIGHT![/be5fe8549bf]


19-08-2007 10:03:49

Still giving away free greens


19-08-2007 10:05:21

Free greens still open