The Freebie Life Payment Options

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26-07-2007 10:16:11

Okay well basically I get way to many questions about payment and approval times, so in this thread is an overview, and a new addition to payment options. These pertain to Always4Free as well.

[u5e2dcaac50]Order Approvals[/u5e2dcaac50]
1 day
Payment times[/u5e2dcaac50]
Paypal with fees Instantly
Paypal with out fees 15th and 30th
ePassporte 15th and 30th
Check Shipped Daily
Money Order Shipped Daily

As you can see ePassporte is a new option and I strongly encourage everyone to sign up for it.

Now currently on the site I don't have an option for you to select how you want to be paid, I will code that in the next couple days. For now please just open a support ticket when you place an order.

Also, I don't want to sound rude, but can we keep the support tickets and instant messages to minimum about Order questions that pertain to the above. Also, I would just like to point out that [b5e2dcaac50]WE HAVE A MANUAL CREDIT PAGE[/b5e2dcaac50], we always have, and always will. Yes, I know it is a shocker, but please don't send Manual Credit Requests in support tickets, from now on they will go ignored.

Thanks for all your support,