Whats the point?

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12-07-2007 06:16:05

I have done a total of 3 1/3 credits worth of offers on the cash site. I have credit for 1/3. I have spent more than I would have made had I got credit and gone green. I know I am not doing anything wrong when completing the offers. I don't know if there is some kind of scam going on between the offer sites and the freebie sites where they only credit a certain percent of the poeple to make-up for monies lots in the past or what. I think it is the freebie sites who have now became the scammers. I smell a rat!! Its not just this site either but that is another deal. My recomendation for anyone trading on these forums is this If you have a site that you work with that does right by you, stick to it. If we all go to the honest and proven sites, they can grow and we all gain. Lets stay away from the ones who have shady offers and refuse to help their referrals when the offer sites scam them out of their credits.