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17-06-2007 15:48:23

As you all may know, the freebie industry experienced one of its greatest downfalls in a long time. It is now up to me and you to help it back on its feet again, and The Freebie Life is willing to take every precaution in order to do this. Please read the following if you are a member of ANY of our sites (Main, Cash, $100, Mall, OYO) or if you just want some useful information. These are not our new Terms, those are still being written out, but just information regarding the way we have chosen to operate now.

I believe that the way to catch fraud is from the start, and I'll be implementing new "Phone Verifications" randomly on new sign ups. I have been doing this for suspicious or questionable users on cash out already, but the true way to help stop the fraud is to catch it before it occurs. This does not mean that every single user who signs up will get a phone call, but you might. If you have a problem with this, then we will even be more suspicious of your account and your account on any freebie site.

Payouts will still occur as they always have on the 10th, 20th and 30th. Rules for being paid out on these specific dates is posted in the "News" section of the site. We believe that 10 days is a sufficient amount of time to allow us, and our affiliates to reverse leads, check for fraud, check for duplicate offers, and essentially, do everything we can to prevent future fraud from occurring. I hope that users understand this, but 10 days is certainly not a long time to wait for a prize. Sites that payout "instantly" will soon learn the downside of that.

As many of you know, Manual Credit Requests are no longer being accepted by our affiliates, there is nothing that we can do to combat this. I am not going to reward credit even if you threaten me, show me the email with full headers (as we have learned many of which are fake), or talk bad about our network across forums. This is NON NEGOTIABLE under any circumstance. Manual Credits are, and always have been a turn off to new advertisers. Like I said, we are doing everything possible to help get the Freebie world back on it's feet. I have chosen to leave the manual credit request form up for the following reasons If an offer shows up in your "Completed Offers" section but you recieve a different amount of credits, or no credits at all. If you submit one because you haven't received credit for an offer and it HASN'T shown up it your "Completed" section, your request WILL BE DENIED.

On a side note, we will not be offering "free greens" after this Tuesday anymore. In lieu of a "Free Green", we now allow an extra ref. To get a free green on any of our sites before this stops, sign up at one of these links and you will be credited instantly
http// (Free $5.00)
The reason behind this is simple although we may see a drop in sign ups when we open a new site, the frauders tend to go for the "Free Green" in order to bypass at least one offer. Like I said, we will not be doing free greens even if we open a new site as I see this as a major problem not only for owners, but for the freebie industry as a whole.

As for ordering and cashing out, we highly recommend our users ordering a PHYSICAL gift (ie. one that gets mailed to you). Users who order Paypal are more prone to us asking for an ID, or doing a phone verification on your account. We have asked for ID's in the past, but we will be asking more often now. Although this may not directly stop users from frauding our site, we will obviously alert other site owners of fraudulent users, so it's a lose lose situation.

Also, we will be enforcing Anything 4 Free's new "No Pre-Paid" Rule (For more info go here http// Any user failing to comply will be placed on hold.

We will be adding a new "age" field on our registration page shortly as well. We are open to ALL AGES, BUT if a user under the age of 18 completes an offer which does not allow users that young to complete it, they will be placed on hold. Also, providing a false birth-date is Fraud, so you will also be placed on hold if that occurs.

Contact information is displayed in my signature, as always I respond within HOURS.

I do realize however that these rules may be "strict" or "annoying" and that I may possibly lose potential customers by enforcing them, but in the long run it will pay off, and The Freebie Life is here to stay. I hope that the true "Freebie-er's" realize the importance of these rules, and stick by us, and help expand our network. Many users have be very pleased with our site, and our support (as of now its just me!), so you won't be let down. If you haven't given us a shot, sign up using the links above, or do what everyone should be doing, a ref-4-ref trade. Feel free to comment or post suggestions.

Best Wishes,


17-06-2007 21:11:40

I was trying to view the topic on A4F, only to find out your link is really messed up. Mind linking a new one?


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18-06-2007 19:16:01

Thanks for the quick fix. I don't use prepaid cards anyways, as that is considered fraud. I think FiPG should implement the same rule.


18-06-2007 21:32:09

Not trying to be smart or anything...but after reading your post isnt it a good thing that you offer free greens so that these so called frauders dont complete offers...but hey w/e its all in the way you look at it.