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14-06-2007 20:20:02

Well we are witnessing the decline of the freebie industry, and we need to make changes to help it.

- Payments will stay at every 10 days (as usual). Bless the poor site owners who pay instantly, their business will end up in shambles
- Manual Credits are no longer accepted. I left the form though because you can still submit if you see an offer in your "completed" section, or if you got the wrong amount of points.
- On our "On Your Own" site, every user is required to submit an ID before ordering
- We will be doing more ID check on our other sites
- Also, a phone verification system may be put into effect sooner or later
- If you fraud scam on a different freebie site, you go on hold on ours

These changes are inevitable, and every site is going to have to make them whether they want to or not.

Good luck to everyone though, we can fight through this.

Be sure to also check out our newest site http// (free green)

Hopefully the scene will stay alive, only you guys can help it thought,
Jared, Owner of The Freebie Life Network.

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