New Freebie Life site... only 50 free greens!

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14-06-2007 14:56:57

http//[" alt=""/imgbab722f853]

First 50 users to sign up here


Get a full credit on their account. The next 50 users get 3/4 credit to their account.

There is only 40 or so offers now, this will hover around 50 offers because of the recent decline of incentive offers. If you find a dead offer, please report it.

We encourage users to get the gift cards, or the physical items. Only 2 refs gets you a $100 gift card!

This will probably be our last site for awhile, so check it out!

New rules for this site
If you look at the gifts... you notice there is no Paypal option. We will allow Paypal payment instead of a check or money order if you submit an ID. More info on this when you sign up.
If your account looks suspicious, we will not hesitate to call you or ask for an ID.
If you don't like these new rules, please do not sign up.
liNote these rules only apply to this site currently, not any other in our network.

Thats about it D


16-06-2007 07:54:46

bunch of offers added )


16-06-2007 08:02:17



16-06-2007 10:17:29

Signed up but didn't use the link will I still get my free green? Did signup unrefereed.


16-06-2007 11:19:34

yep your set