Get paid for having NO greens. Part II

Live forum:


09-06-2007 09:33:51

Due to the popularity of this promo... i decided to bring it back!

Remember about our Harry Potter Promo as well though

$60/ref site
User with no completed offers $1.00 extra
User with 1/3 credits $2.00 extra
Users with 2/3 credits $3.00 extra
Users with full credit $5.00 extra

$100/ref site
User with no credits $1.00 extra
User with 1/5 credits $2.00 extra
User with 2/5 credits $3.00 extra
User with 3/5 credits $4.00 extra
User with 4/5 credits $5.00 extra
User with full credit $6.00 extra

Note that these are the only two sites in our network which this promo applies too.

THIS PROMO IS OVER ON JUNE 20TH. Theres NO limit to the number of people who can order.

Enjoy ;)


09-06-2007 10:33:29

hey is this for new user or also for the old ones.Can u repeat your site?


09-06-2007 10:37:40

all users.

open a ticket to have your account reset


10-06-2007 08:10:40



20-06-2007 09:20:01

last day to submit orders to count for this!