Must SEE ASAP!! Free Greens,Cash Bonuses,1 Referral Cashout!

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26-01-2009 17:37:28

Hello everyone,
I would like to introduce you guys to our new Network PrizeOrbit. We have been working on it the past few months, PrizeOrbit is a new Network with a new slick design as well as other great values. We want to document the results to implement on our other 2 Networks, Wish4Free and Incentive-Rewards. Since this Network is brand new, we would appreciate any feedback. Anything that can help us improve all the networks across our board. For Starters PrizeOrbit's Network is made up of 4 sites and they offer single referral cash outs on all of them. In addition to a vast variety of prices, the sites are FOREVER GREEN which means once your GREEN you stay GREEN. Also PrizeOrbit features a nice suit of Exclusive Offers as well as Top Converting not yet seen on other Networks which should be great for everyone. Now to Kick off the Grand Opening we have some Promos to get you guys pumped, they are listed below so make sure to check them out and enjoy PrizeOrbit!!

Sites Description

Gaming $60[=http//]Gaming $60 offers a lot of gaming systems, and games as well as each referral being valued at $60 and having one referral cash outs.

Paypal $40[=http//]Paypal $40 The Paypal site consist of each referral being worth $40 and as well as having one referral cash outs and a custom order to fit anyones needs.

GiftCards $20[=http//]GiftCards $20 Offers any type of Giftcard you want so you can spend on anything that you like, and as well as being a single cash out site where referrals are valued at $20 each. This is a great site for starters who are just getting into freebies make sure to check it out!

Apple $40[=http//]Apple $40 This site offers pretty much any type of Apple's Ipod products. To make it even better each referral is valued here at $40 an it offers a referral cash out as well.

Promos For January!

Promo One Cash Bonuses and Gift Card payouts increased for the remainder of the promotional period which means you get a bigger bonus every time you place and order with no FEES!!!

Promo Two Ask for a FREE on any site! Just open a support ticket and we will take care of the account and make it green so you can start referring your referrals!!

Promo Three Get an Extra $50 Bonus for simply cashing out on all four of PrizeOrbits Network sites.


27-01-2009 07:53:20

Signed up for all. )


02-02-2009 08:38:47

Will there be Feb promo for this network? )