Bigcashout.wish4free...something wrong with My referrals???

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08-08-2008 21:42:50

I have 17 referrals and not 1 of them went green??? is there something wrong with the referring system that I may not be getting credit for their completion or they just haven't completed their 1 credit??? But honestly, wouldn't you expect at least 1 person to go green and be able to cash out by now ? (

Please what's your opinion

Thank you


08-08-2008 22:59:11

Based on the way you worded your post, I'm assuming you are using some sort of ref generator, in which case, no, I'm not the least bit surprised that you have no greens.

17 referrals on an 8 referral site seems a little obscene. Try using people you can legitimately refer (not that ref manufacturing isn't "legitimate" per say,) and you will get your greens.


09-08-2008 00:28:35

NO i am not using a ref generator for your information thank you very much you are way off and you are assuming the wrong thing. and jumping too quick to conclusions. I don't appreciate your post, you fall in the category as a stereotype.

Don't reply back I won't even bother to read your messages.

P.S. have you ever thought people just have to sign up to get their prize think about that long and hard.


09-08-2008 12:50:04

I fall in the category as a stereotype?

If you're putting me in a category, aren't YOU stereotyping ME?

I don't get it. shrug

I also don't get why you PMed me the exact same paragraph, word for word. I didn't say anything mean, I said that the fact that you have 17 refs on a site that only requires 8 for the max cash out seems like you put your ref link in a pool and let the greens come to you, in which case, it is very possible that no greens will be completed.

I also said, that there is nothing wrong with doing it that way, but this is the result you are most likely going to get.


09-08-2008 13:26:58

lethalmoney, TravMan162 is just trying to help. No need for your rude attitude.

Did all 17 of those people complete their offer requirements, or did they just sign up for the site?


19-08-2008 21:47:06

CollidgeGraduit, i didnt ask for your opinion about the other guy, no need for your smart attitude


19-08-2008 21:50:58

and how exactly is he trying to help