Julys Promotions MUST SEE!! Free Greens + 1 Ref Cashout!

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02-07-2008 20:34:29

[bf97a76a5fc] For July we have a few Promo's set up that a lot of you guys should enjoy throughout the month.

Promo #1 Free Greens

Any member who is not part of any of our sites may sign up an request your free green on any of our sites, just make sure to send in a support ticket so we can credit your account. Below is our homepage and our sites are found on the right hand side. Wish4Free - Welcomee[=http//wish4free.com/]Wish4Free - Welcomee

Promo #2 Bonus Order

The way this one works is pretty simple for every order you place you will get a bonus added, so that mean the more order the more bonuses you will be earning when ordering.

Promo #3 Proof Pic

The Post proof works by you posting your earning in any of the following links you get with your payment, and at the end of the month we hold a drawing and the winner gets $75 sent to their paypal account.[/bf97a76a5fc]


03-07-2008 08:06:56

Do we have to submit a ticket regarding 1 ref cash out option? I don't see the change of ref requirement of the site. )