New Sites + Free Greens + 1 Ref cashout

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02-07-2008 20:16:50

[b04fc8f4b1a]I would like to announce that our 3 new sites are finally ready, these new sites are set into percentage to reach one credit rather the fractions so any feedback on this let us know if it works better for you guys. Also as the grand opening for these 3 new sites anyone who signs up unrefereed can submit a ticket on all 3nsites to get a free green on each one. Along with the free greens anyone who cashes out on all 3 sites gets a $10 bonus. So hope you guys enjoy the sites and have a great weekend!




06-08-2008 16:45:53

all signed up thanks


07-08-2008 12:10:38

Signed up, support tickets sent. Thanks D


19-08-2008 06:25:37

Tried to get signed up on these sites, but your network will not let me open a support ticket - it says banned from using support tickets. I have been trying to get this matter dealt with for days, can't get a response from anyone. HELP!


21-08-2008 08:39:53

i just singed up for free green D