New & Need Your Help Please

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11-01-2008 13:53:31

I was on another forum and signed up for someone asking for a trade. OKKK. Well, we noticed that the referral link didn't work. So, I re-signed up and sent a message to support letting them know I had done this and to cancel the one account because I was doing this as a trade off. Well, I can not get the site to pull up at all, and I got a reply back from support, but can't even get to the site from anywhere..? I keep getting an error display page, but weird because I was able to get to it and sign up, but now can not get to it at all. I cleared everything and rebooted etc. still nothing?

The site is or http//

Now, they sent me a reply but I can't get on the site to see what they replied back to me(


11-01-2008 15:49:26

What error do you get? An how are you logging in ? if you can please download aim and once installed make sure to add gmario500 so I can be of faster assistance.