2 Brand new sites a must see!!

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28-12-2007 20:03:18

[b0660cbe913]I would like to introduce you guys to the two new Wish4Free sites that have been added to our network. One of the sites is called Cashout.wish4free.com which is a $40 referral site, and BigCashout.wish4free.com which referrals are now worth $60. Since they are brand new, any member who signs up unrefereed will have their credits waived to start referring members "JUST REMEMBER TO SUBMIT A SUPPORT TICKET TO HAVE YOUR CREDITS WAIVED". Hope everyone enjoys the sites and have a great weekend.[/b0660cbe913]
http//cashout.wish4free.com/[]http//cashout.wish4free.com/ [b0660cbe913]$40 per referral[/b0660cbe913]

http//bigcashout.wish4free.com/[]http//bigcashout.wish4free.com/ [b0660cbe913]$60 per referral[/b0660cbe913]

http//i15.photobucket.com/albums/a381/gmario/CashOutA22d.jpg[" alt=""/img0660cbe913]


30-12-2007 20:03:29

Great to see your expanding with some awesome new sites! I'm definitely taking advantage of these.

Happy New Year,

Margot ;)


31-12-2007 20:33:19

Got my greens!

Thank you!

Margot ;)


01-01-2008 15:00:30

Signed up for both. )

sandra habina

03-01-2008 08:23:21

Count me in also. Thanks Wish4Free AGAIN!!!


26-03-2008 13:30:02

OK I am ne here and want to try this, do I need a referal to get the green?