Great crediting for my referrals!

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25-07-2007 07:10:51

Hi there,

Just started working some of these sites, and have to say that my new people aren't having any problem crediting on them, where with other sites, they are pulling their hair out...I don't have a bunch yet, but this is a great sign!!!

Margot D


25-07-2007 18:35:06

Sooo sooo glad to hear of this! It's quite bothersome to see some users having non-crediting issues. I will be looking into the matter once I get some freetime.


30-07-2007 15:30:00

I was doing OGF almost exclusively but recently the crediting issues are making me want to find another network. I think wish4free just might be that network. D


30-07-2007 19:29:35

That's awesome! So glad you are going to give it a try, I thought you would like this site...they will treat you right for sure.

Will be looking to see how it goes for you!

Take it easy,

Margot 8)


31-07-2007 11:53:52

Wish4free IS the best!!!! [/sizee8ffede504][/colore8ffede504]

I agree Margot!! My refs go to the site and!!

Can't get any better than that!