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18-07-2007 15:31:57

Hi there!
Well I thought it was about time to finally introduce myself here. I've teamed up with Mario since around June 1st, but have been working "behind the scenes," so-to-say. As you can see there hasn't been much action going on with W4F lately. We're nearing completion of our new website launch and I don't want to spoil too much just yet, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

I did however get a chance to speak with a couple of you ... and hopefully squared away any problems you had. For those I haven't yet spoken to, if you're ever experiencing a problem with our network or just want to chat, you can contact me on AIM Wish4FreeTech or email= email=webmaster@wish4free.comwebmaster@wish4free.com email=webmaster@wish4free.comwebmaster@wish4free.com/email

Entirely new portal site.
7 New prize sub-sites.
VERY Advanced Anti-Fraud Security System (Never seen before)
5 New network features. (Will explain more upon launch)
... and more! ....
Not to mention, all new promotions/give-a-ways

This truly will be a Wish4Free Rebirth. Look out for it! More info will be posted in the next couple weeks.

W4F Webmaster,


24-07-2007 04:49:44

Will you be adding more offers to your sites?


25-07-2007 12:08:36

[quote5c57c98c63="luckypenney"]Will you be adding more offers to your sites?[/quote5c57c98c63]

Sure will D Danny and I have been working very hard for the next big update. 8)


25-07-2007 13:29:15

Sorry, how often do u pay?


25-07-2007 13:43:30

[quote3da6a7427c="Undestiny"]Sorry, how often do u pay?[/quote3da6a7427c]

As soon as your order is approved it gets shipped. Usually with a day or 2 and 3 being the latest depending on how many orders we have.


25-07-2007 13:44:28

Thanks, Mario!


02-08-2007 02:01:53

[quotece657dc13f="Undestiny"]Sorry, how often do u pay?[/quotece657dc13f]

This site is VERY quick in paying one of the fastest I work with. You will not be disappointed. Mario says 2-3 days just in case he runs into a problem but I think he will impress you with how quick he actually does pay compared to those #s. D

sandra habina

10-08-2007 22:51:13

Sounds exciting Mario and Danny. Thanks for the updates. Looking forward to it all.


30-09-2007 10:52:09

OO advanced antifraud system. I'd like to know more about this.


30-09-2007 12:00:20

[quote2bced225a4="benedict"]OO advanced antifraud system. I'd like to know more about this.[/quote2bced225a4]

lol my Idea got jacked on that.