Gmario Goes Beyond Customer Support with my instant payment

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14-07-2007 11:07:49

I did not notice that my profile paypal email was missing two digits so the payment went to someone else.

Gmario picks up the phone calls Paypal they have him on hold for over 30
mins on a Saturday even, he is told he has to wait 30 days to get it back. I feel terrible about that.

But did me a favor and sent me the money again and paid the fees.

What a guy.....

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Thank goodness it wasn't more money


14-07-2007 11:33:10

Congrats, Gmario is da man!


14-07-2007 11:39:53


I most certainly agree.


19-07-2007 15:18:35

Wow, that's awesome to hear! Starting a few of your sites, and am glad to see all the great feedback...hope to be putting in a few good words of my own here shortly.

Thanks G

Margot D


20-07-2007 12:58:22

gmario's customer service goes way beyond any other network! I won't go into details, but I just worked with him on something and he really came through for me!

Thank you soooo much Wish4Free !! D


21-07-2007 14:52:00

Now I am working on gadgets )

I have not had any of my referrals but one have trouble crediting btw.



24-07-2007 10:13:51

D Thx for the kind words ladies.


24-07-2007 10:20:14

Gmario has helped me on several occasions when he really didn't need to, will recommend his network to anyone.