one of the bests!...2nd Payment within min

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17-09-2009 15:42:00

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18-09-2009 06:47:50

First of al,l congrats on your recent payment. I've read a lot on this subject however, I am still confused. DO the actual site pay themselves? I was under the impression it MUST be through someone on a trade board ? .


18-09-2009 15:34:57

Thanks Luxzy.
The way it works, is like this.
The freebie sites owners deal with companies for offers. Then once a ref buys 1 offer, then they get paid a commission for the sale. Out of the commission they pay the person that reffered the ref to their freebie site.
For you tho will work like this
If you have your sites, then you look for referrals. Once they green using your referral link, then you get rewarded by the freebies sites.
If you don't have yet sites, then best would be to find a reliable trader and trade your green for money.
I know it sounds complicated, but it is really easy. Give it a try.
If you have other questions , feel free to shoot them to me and I will try to give you best answers based on my experience.