600 bones from Favoritephone-carrier! Thanks ideal!

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28-08-2009 09:19:11

Second DIY site ive ever done. Went alright, had to do a few replacement offers but all in all I spent about $100 and got $600 out of it. Could of done it for alot less then a hundo but i got some of the offer sites confused with eachother.

Allthough its a pain in the ass keeping track of 8 offers (atleast it is for me, i guess im alittle unorganized lol!) its well worth it in the end.

07/05/09 - Signed up and completed all 8 offers.
07/15/09 - 7 of 8 offers credited. Time for replacements..
07/28/09 - Still 7 of 8 offers credited. So another replacement..
07/29/09 - Gamefly credited! 8 of 8 offers completed!
7/30/09 - Printed out & sent my certs in.
8/10/09 - Your redemption certificate was processed!
8/27/09 - Fedex comes, sister doesnt answer door because her hair was a mess???? shock
8/28/09 - Received and activated (1)$500 visa and (1)$100 visa!!

Id post pics but my camera is shot and well we all know what a prepaid visa debit looks like lol

I wish I could buy something cool with this, instead I gotta drop it on my CC bill. Im veryy late with the payments! (


28-08-2009 14:58:05




06-09-2009 11:21:45

Nice job and good work!