$2,500 From TheRewardDepot

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25-01-2009 00:02:48

I haven't posted a Brag Bag in a long long time, but today I got a $2,500 Apple Giftcard from TheRewardDepot. I initially signed up for a Black MacBook Air for 8 offers.

I completed my offers on October 10th
Was approved and sent my forms on December 4th but they never arrived
Resent them on the 15th
Received on the 16th
Jan 15th was asked about gift substitution
Jan 19th agreed on $2,500 Apple Giftcard instead of Black Macbook Air
Jan 24th I have the giftcard in my hands. D


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sandra habina

25-01-2009 12:24:00

WOW CONGRATS - Very nice.


28-01-2009 10:35:26

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07-02-2009 15:52:57

so what are you going to do? ebay or or buy something nice from apple?


08-02-2009 10:43:16

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09-02-2009 05:09:47

That's awesome! Congrats TSJ and props to RewardDepot ;)


25-02-2009 13:45:36

WOW! That was fast congrats! Hope you buy something nice ^__^