I GOT A COOL iphone!!!

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10-11-2008 19:12:59

I got a cool Iphone and wanted to share my happiness with all of you guys ) because you helped me get it. I appreciate all the people that trusted me and worked with me. There is some other awesome people that help me in another trading forum ) this is my FIRST FREEBIE! ) I got it from this site http//getitfree4u.net/ I signed up for their free green promo two weeks ago, the great thing about it is that they accept manual credit request; and helped all of my friends. I heard many don't do it anymore. Anyway, I am going for a laptop now, or I don't know if I want to get cash and do the same as most of you are doing. I really got into it for the electronic rewards, BUT IAM liking it now!...
Best Wishes to ya'll , God bless all ) )[/size28840fbf1c][/color28840fbf1c]


11-11-2008 13:37:55

Cool. Congrats on ur reward. Wish u many more


12-11-2008 07:08:57



12-11-2008 09:03:41

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sandra habina

13-11-2008 05:20:32

Nice job and fast too. Congrats

miss edie

13-11-2008 06:57:36

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