FreeForAllManKind...Hard to say EASY TO CASHOUT!! 3 payouts!

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09-05-2008 13:49:51

I picked up a couple more sites from the FreeForAllManKind network...I now have 3 of them.
I greened easily on all 3 of the sites and all my referrals have been going green as well!!!!

Here are 3 payments from them just this week posted below. Very good site! Thank You!

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[img="8abd1f87f9]http/" alt=""/"527/6528/freeforallmankind542008pc0.jpg[" alt=""/img8abd1f87f9]

[img="8abd1f87f9]http/" alt=""/"168/8619/freeforallmankind572008mf0.jpg[" alt=""/img8abd1f87f9]


09-05-2008 16:51:25

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14-05-2008 14:45:21

Yeah, that network rox

miss edie

17-05-2008 07:21:12

[b7e180d85cb]CONGRATS,AWESOME JOB!![/b7e180d85cb]
http//[" alt=""/img7e180d85cb][=http//][img="7e180d85cb]http//[" alt=""/img7e180d85cb][/url]
[img="7e180d85cb]http//[" alt=""/img7e180d85cb]


17-05-2008 13:23:36

That isnt hard to say (


19-05-2008 10:45:57

I have cash.freeforallmankind. What are the other 2 sites they have. I will definitely like to have all three as well. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!


19-05-2008 13:33:27

http//[" alt=""/imgb5b53f19ac][=http//][img="b5b53f19ac]http//[" alt=""/imgb5b53f19ac][/url]