Im back. Learn about my success in my freebie hiatus.

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15-04-2008 18:24:07

Hello FreeiPod community,

It has been awhile since I have been active in this community, and I am going to give everyone here the breakdown on why I took some time off and what I have been doing.

Months ago I completely stopped doing my referral business. As a lot of people will remember I was one of the main users who would pay individuals who would complete referrals for me.

The reason I left the referral game is that I was worn out. It was getting to much to handle and many site were scamming people over. After losing a couple hundred dollars I decided to go and test my skills in a different internet marketing arena.

My father is a Marketing Professor and he had a student who was making over $100,000 a year doing online affiliate marketing. He told me that I should give this student a call and see what it was all about. So I did. At first I thought it was going to be a amway like pyramid scam, but as I talked to Ryan I found out what he did was not a pyramid scam at all. It was legitimate sales and he was earning hundreds of dollars a day. So I bought he e-book program and gave it a shot. Lets just say a day later I made my $100 dollars back. It was incredible.

The way that this program works is that it harnesses the power of social networking for the purpose of marketing. Its primary networks are myspace and facebook. Just to give you an example of how it works, say you are selling a product that helps people stop smoking. Well you can use myspace and single out groups of smokers using its search functions to market directly to them. There are thousands of people on myspace one can easily focus their marketing on a group and have great results because of the traffic to their products.

I have decided to step back into the freebie arena for one reason. The tactics that I have learned through the information I have gained can easily be applied to the freebie idea. I have used them for a while, have getting referrals has never been easier. If anyone wants more information just send me a PM!

I hope everyone is doing well and is successful in their ventures!



15-04-2008 18:38:34

This is the brag bag......


14-05-2008 14:51:16

very nice, jmile. I know what you mean about the marketing.
I got some knowlege on that subject. But im still learning as well. )