A little one, but still cash.

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31-03-2008 12:44:21

One of those NOCC sites that they have. Took forever to get paid, submitted late last year. But, they did come through finally, so credit where credit is due.

Business Name
Buyer Email
Payment Sent to


Business Contact Information

Customer Service email= email=payments@f4e1.compayments@f4e1.com email=payments@f4e1.compayments@f4e1.com/email
Customer Service Phone 262-334-1257


Total Amount
$50.00 USD


Mar. 30, 2008
071905 PDT


Seller Protection Policy
Thank you for being patient with F4E1. Here is your payment. We are working hard to bring the sites back up but will not do so until everyone is paid in full and happy. Once we re-open we will be on a weekly payment schedule. We are trying to figure out a couple of things before we re-open however. We will keep you updated in our sub-forums on various sites.
Thank You,
Jason Cruz CEO F4E1
Shipping Address
No Address Provided

Payments without a shipping address are not covered by PayPal's seller protection policies and programs. Learn More


31-03-2008 15:10:58

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31-03-2008 17:09:33

I love Martini angels! How'd you know babetran!?! /\


31-03-2008 18:03:20

every little bit counts.


31-03-2008 18:30:46

Nice job, keep up the good work!!!!


31-03-2008 19:16:41

Congrats -- every bit helps!!


31-03-2008 20:24:14

[quote0473e9aa71="babetran"]http//dl10.glitter-graphics.net/pub/1116/1116810n1imjpylf2.gif[" alt=""/img0473e9aa71][=http//www.glitter-graphics.com][img="0473e9aa71]http//dl10.glitter-graphics.net/pub/1116/1116810n1imjpylf2.gif[" alt=""/img0473e9aa71][/url][/quote0473e9aa71]

whoa, babetran stepping up her game. these glitter graphics aren't as horrible when there's a girl involved. cartoon or not D

sandra habina

01-04-2008 02:48:01

Congrats. And it is nice to know that they are working on those sites.

I like to part about paying everyone and making them happy first. A+


01-04-2008 09:34:33

Congrats!!!! and yep every little bit does help


01-04-2008 14:40:01

Congrats. What are you going to do with your new fortune? Let's play a game, everyone that posts in this thread has to say what they would do with your $50 if you gave it away.

Me I would give it to charity.

Edit, no I wouldn't, I'm my own damn charity case, I can't even afford oil. you should see my workboots, I look like a tattered ragamuffin


01-04-2008 17:18:20

Trav you're a funny guy. If i were to give it away i'd give it to my to my church and help a kid go to camp.

As it is however, I'm gonna use it to pay for more refs.


03-04-2008 07:22:13

Congrats!! If I had $50, I would give it to my little cousin who has a rare disease called Chiari Malformation. If I had to describe it, it's like there's a hole in the base of his skull and his brain is seeping out and putting TONS of pressure on his spine. So he had a decompression surgery about a year ago but is still plagued with daily headaches and severe pain. He's very athletic, and his dream is to play in the little league world series (he's 9). Well, in June, his little league team is going to the Cooperstown baseball hall of fame where he will get to play teams from all over the country and he's doing a lot of fundraising so he and his little brother can go....so that's where my $50 would go!!