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29-02-2008 16:56:39

Dear Chris stanaford,

The Free Spree just sent you money with PayPal.

The Free Spree is a Verified buyer.

Payment Details
Amount $120.00 USD
Transaction ID 3GX74276G7040983R
Subject Congratulations!
Custom Note Thank you for your participation in TheFreeSpree. Enjoy your prize!

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sandra habina

01-03-2008 09:37:15

Way to go AGAIN bugs. This site is Fantastic. You go girl - keep on getting those payouts at THEFREESPREE. )


01-03-2008 10:55:08

haha how do you guys do it??? i just finally got my first payout from a trainn and i'm amped, but you just keep on rolling and rolling and rolling ) ) ) congratulations )


01-03-2008 14:17:42

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02-03-2008 21:29:11



03-03-2008 07:40:58

Congrats to you, and good luck in the future!!!