My First Payment From V Bux! $100 Whoo Hoo!

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07-01-2008 13:58:23

D I got my first pay out from VBux! So far This is what Ive gotten Since I started!

CashParrot x4 ($160)
Rocket Bills x1 ($60)
Treats for You x1 ($40)
expressbux x1 (50)
VBux x1 ($100)

Not to mention The $600+ from doing site for people! I just started in Dec, so I think Im doing Fabulous! ) D

sandra habina

08-01-2008 13:39:32

Congrats Kathryn - that is great. Yes this does work.

I never would have believed this for me 1 year ago. I love it.
I voted no because I have made more than I thought I could.

Best of luck darling.


08-01-2008 14:23:08

Ya you are doing great!!!

miss edie

08-01-2008 14:37:57

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08-01-2008 17:33:56

Thank You!


10-01-2008 07:51:43