Merry Christmas a Day After From Trainn !

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26-12-2007 04:09:40

And once again thank thank you thank Trainn You Guys Rock !

Dear Newland ,

Transcendent Innovations just sent you money with PayPal.

Transcendent Innovations is a Verified buyer.


Payment Details

Amount $300.00 USD

Transaction IDxxxxxx

Subject Thank you for your participation!

Note Thank you for your participation!

Transcendent Innovations, Inc.

Custom Note Thank you for your participation!

miss edie

26-12-2007 14:28:38

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26-12-2007 14:44:50

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sandra habina

27-12-2007 05:13:07

Very nice job Newy. Keep going. Which trainn do you have now?


27-12-2007 12:50:33

Congrats on your payment! TRAINN does it again!!! ... 8)


10-01-2008 08:08:41