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12-12-2007 16:05:28

This came just in time for my Christmas Shopping...and I've got some physical gifts coming my way too! Thanks So Much Git-R-Free...

If anybody would like to be my referral, I've got lots of Git-R-Free sites I could use your help on!

http//[" alt=""/imgb55bad92c6]

Fast replies to all my support tix (Thx Shaggz and Lori)
Fast crediting offers (500+ to choose from!)
Lots of sites to get paid from (1 credit - 4 credits sites!)


12-12-2007 17:07:26

Awesome... Congrats...


13-12-2007 07:07:10

Git-R-Free is definitely a great network!


13-12-2007 07:14:52

http//[" alt=""/imgfd45ca8e95][=http//][img="fd45ca8e95]http//[" alt=""/imgfd45ca8e95][/url]


13-12-2007 21:15:41

Thanks! Glad you Enjoy the sites!

sandra habina

13-12-2007 22:24:32

Congratulations - happy shopping. I agree git-r-free is great.