2 gifts from anyprizefree in two weeks!

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11-12-2007 10:12:34

Ok, I know they arent Plasmas or anything, but they took only a few minutes to get and hell, they are free!

The first thing I got was a DVI-HDMI cable for my ideal plasma, took like 10 surveys, good cables too.

Then I got the blueplanet box set took less time even though it was more points. I used a program called roboform and it basicly did the surveys for me.

So far I only did free offers but I am going to try hostmoster and web.com, 900 points for 16 bucks.
They have literaly millions of prizes you can look through, 900 points can get you a lot
Oh yea and everything was sent 2nd day air, I really like www.anyprizefree.com

Sorry forgot how to post images..



11-12-2007 14:27:19

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11-12-2007 14:41:19

Like you say, it's free! Congrats! )


11-12-2007 19:14:52

WTG! Congrats!

miss edie

12-12-2007 11:47:18

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