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sandra habina

01-12-2007 02:46:01

[bf1745cc5a5]WOW[/colorf1745cc5a5] [/bf1745cc5a5] I wish I could explain all the details of my transaction but I will spare you.

I will however confirm that 123StuffForFree[/sizef1745cc5a5] [/colorf1745cc5a5] Network is one of the best I have ever worked with. Dave and Curt are always there for you. Great support and fastest payouts and unbelievable help for their traders.

I can not thank you enough guys - you are terrific !!!

Dear sandra habina,

123StuffForFree.com Network just sent you money with PayPal.

123StuffForFree.com Network is a Verified buyer.


Payment Details

Amount $500.00 USD

Transaction ID

Subject 123StuffForFree Prize Payment

Note Congrats from 123StuffForFree.com, Don't forget you can do our whole network of sites.

Custom Note from your friends at 123StuffForFree!

wink D D


01-12-2007 03:05:14

Awesome D


02-12-2007 07:11:52

Grats! Yeah some of the fastest support tickets replies ive ever seen =)


02-12-2007 07:18:36

Great job Sandra! Congratulations! )


02-12-2007 08:12:12

You are so right.

123stuffForFree is the best freebie site network.

Congrats on the payment!!


02-12-2007 15:28:00

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miss edie

04-12-2007 04:57:15

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