Newbie received a check for $1360 last week!

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16-11-2007 07:47:21

I just learned about this forum yesterday so I have a LOT to learn about how things work in this new (to me) world.

I'm here because I want to repeat the success I just had with my first freebie site. I don't know if I'm allowed to mention the site so I won't risk screwing up my very first post here. The important thing is that I deposited a check for $1360. Needless to say, I want to repeat the process - this time in a more efficient and timely manner. No referrals were required for the offer I did, so I'm starting from scratch in working with trades and paid referrals.

If anyone reading this is inclined to offer newbie advice, I appreciate it very much. I read most of the newbie indoctrination posts so I'm itching to start learning the ropes here.

I've done a cursory search of the various freebie sites and have found a couple that offer cash prizes (my preference), but I'm interested in anyone's experience (good or bad) with specific sites.

My other question is - is there a standard $ amount to offer someone for going green, or is it largely dependent on the value of the prize? Thanks!


16-11-2007 07:54:07

Hey man. $1360 is awesome for your first freebie payout. DIY sites are great. Looks like you're looking to make a switch over to Referral type sites. These are great as well.

The first step that you will need to take is to get your TR up a little bit, as this is a very important factor later on when attempting to find refs.

In the beginning, it's best to pick sites you want to do and then find the person paying the best for greens on each one. I suggest trading with a member with a TR of at least 50 for your first few trades, and make sure to set up all trades in the Trades Manager.

The standard amount of $ to offer for going green is 50% of the payout. So, if a site pays $40 per ref, then paying $20 is standard.

Let me know if you have any other questions at all. I'm online most of the day M-F. D


16-11-2007 09:32:22

Thanks very much for the thoughtful and fast reply. I've moderated a Yahoo group for almost 4 years, so I have a lot of appreciation for when forum members do more than just shadow!

Something you said made me realize that I had a question but didn't know it yet - Is there anywhere I can go to browse a list of DIY sites as opposed to referral sites? Is anyone categorizing them like that?

Thanks again for welcoming the newbie.


16-11-2007 10:01:54

Head towards the bottom of the forums main page.

There is a whole sub-section for DIY.

Best of luck

sandra habina

16-11-2007 12:11:59

WELCOME - I would be very happy to give you advice and help you get started on ref. sites. BTW Congrats on that payout - that is awesome.


16-11-2007 18:20:32

You are allowed to post who you got the $$ from. Tell everyone! D


17-11-2007 15:52:29

I would like to know to


17-11-2007 17:08:02

it was and the promotion was for a Nikon D200. Since they sent cash, I assume they didn't have the camera any longer? No complaints though - I was going to sell it anyway.


21-11-2007 22:21:33

Hey how many offers did you have to complete?

miss edie

23-11-2007 17:16:19

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23-11-2007 17:30:21

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