Quick payment from ZPT

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13-11-2007 19:04:10

This is my first ZPT site and you can bet your ass I will be doing more. One ref went through within 15mins of completion and another ref went through after about an hour today. I submitted for approval and was paid within an hour or two.


13-11-2007 19:50:53

How much did u get? Post a pix. ;) Congrat, btw.


14-11-2007 04:23:25

Congratulations and thank you for posting! )

miss edie

14-11-2007 07:01:07

http//dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/251/251708a852wfc4k7.gif[" alt=""/img796352113f][=http//www.glitter-graphics.com][img="796352113f]http//dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/251/251708a852wfc4k7.gif[" alt=""/img796352113f][/url]


14-11-2007 07:47:49

Just $120 to test them out. I will probably do a larger prize ($3-400) within the next couple of weeks. I need a new receiver for my living room ).


14-11-2007 08:23:22

That's awesome man! Congrats!