Look at what my freebie money bought me!

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13-11-2007 11:04:09


The link takes you to a BBC article that explains how 20,000 of us got together and bought a professional English football (soccer) club.

Our club is Ebbsfleet United located 30 miles southeast of London. We are in the 5th tier of English football in a division called the Conference Premier League. The cool thing is that each year, the English system rotates, if you finish top 3 you move up, bottom 3 you move down divisions. So If you are the Royals and Pirates in MLB, you would move to triple A, and vice versa.

We as new owners will vote on who starts each match, what players we want to sign, how much admission prices are, how much for merchandise, basically every major decision will be done by the fans.

It's open to others as well, there is no cap on membership. If you want to know more, o to myfootballclub.co.uk for more details.

One thing is for sure, it's sweet to tell your friends that you own a pro sports team.

sandra habina

13-11-2007 18:47:26

tHAT IS SO EXCITING. Congrats dear. You have something wonderful to show for all your hard work.

Amazing !!!


13-11-2007 19:38:19

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miss edie

14-11-2007 07:02:41

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14-11-2007 07:32:32

Wow, miss edie's been busy this morning


14-11-2007 10:05:23

Thats awesome, do ya'll profit from it? Beings that its split 20,000 ways isn't your share rather small?


14-11-2007 11:09:43

No, no profits, if and when we decide to sell, any profit made goes to a charity.

It's set up in a trust and we are buying membership in that trust. That way no one can come in and bully it either way. Its a movement to try and take sport back to the fans.