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13-10-2007 05:13:44

all i can say is WOW!!!!... as some may know by now.. i have had a bit of a time trying to green some sites for others.. HOWEVER.. i did Rocketbills as a ref for my mother and it came in within 15-20 minutes for full credit.. i had had a few support tickets with the admin there before doing the offer to make sure of all the requirements for it.. their response was immediate and vey helpful.. so once i greened instantly even tho the offer said within a day.. i set out to complete the site for myself.. i cashed the site out at 1 ref for 60 dollars.. my ref c barry smith who i thank and is a great trader who i actually got started a few months back D also went green instantly.. i put in for approval last night.. and 20 minutes LATER i had my paypal PLUS 3 extra dollars.. this site is AMAZING and i am very happy and excited about it.. thanx rocketbills for renewing my faith in trading again and i look forward to working this and cashparrot many times over in the near future D

Dear shawn gowen,

RocketBills just sent you money with PayPal.

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Amount $63.00 USD

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Subject RocketBills Payment + Launch of CashParrot!

Note Dear User,
Congrats on your RocketBills! You have been paid INSTANTLY as apart of our promo and have been given $3 extra dollars! Please post proof in your respective forums! And go check out the newest edition to the RocketBills Company, All the promos for CashParrot are in your respective forums! Thanks.
RocketBills Staff.

thanx rocketbills and c barry smith..

Shawn G. (back in the game)


13-10-2007 06:04:19

Good job ShawnG! Congratulations!

sandra habina

14-10-2007 18:16:10

Great job dear and thanks for the info on how well the site works.